3 life changing things learnt about being an Adult

Adult fascination

Being an adult is not at all how I imagined it to be. Didn’t you guys during your younger self wished to be an ADULT one day?

I surely did!

For me at the age of 5, adult meant wearing mumma’s fancy slippers. At 10 it meant drinking tea like papa did and at 15 it mean being as cool as my 25 year old sister. By time I was 18 adult to me also meant ‘not taking permission’ for going out and doing whatever one wants to do. Which of course included, watching television, eating junk food, bunking college and all?

Damn! I was so wrong!

I know I am just 21 and I am yet to be a so called complete adult. But I must say one small incident today and what i learnt was being adult in literal term meant ‘having the capability of taking responsibility’.

My teacher was my niece. Today I had to take care of my Niece – Siya.

Siya is my 3 year old niece. My brother and sister-in-law had to pay a visit to some relative down town and their bike only allowed access to two people at a time. So I was Siya’s caretaker of the day.

They dropped her at my place at around 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon when I was all set to take my afternoon nap. The first thing they said while dropping her was, ‘making sure she sleeps in the afternoon, otherwise she will be grumpy all day’. Well who wishes to spend their evening with a grumpy child?

of course the list continued with commands like, ‘feed her on time’, ‘keep an eye on her’, ‘put her in bed on time’, ‘do not take her out’, ‘drop her home by 10’. I could see the worry wrinkles on my sister-in-law’s forehead. I could not understand. It’s not that I haven’t spent time with Siya before.

This is how my adult learning exactly went.

  1. Making her sleep.

I could barely gather any sleep previous night due to work, so I really needed to bag in some sleep during the afternoon. But it was necessary for Siya to sleep. In her playing and me singing a lullaby we spent good time and it was almost 4 and could not sleep. That moment I learnt to give priority to the right thing.

The real lesson i learnt was Sacrificing! Sacrificing what you need against what must me adult. Thus, being an adult meant Sacrificing on things no matter how bad you want!

  1. Feeding her!

She woke up around 6 p.m. and what do i say. My baby is just like me. Feed her to please her. She woke up hungry. I on the other hand was dying with headache. ‘No sleep’ was starting to show its effects. If mom was home, I would have been a crying baby and would have shed tears and also would have done some unbearable drama. But I had no one to pamper me at that minute. I rather had to pamper her. This taught me another thing. That is compromise.

No matter how bad you want to collapse and fall. You sometimes for only one good reason, you carry on. It also made me feel for my parents a little. Isn’t this what parents do for us? Compromising is another perk of being adult.

  1. Dropping her back home.

I have a Scooter. And my brother’s family lives almost a mile away. So scooter was the best mode of transport i could think of. I am not really famous for keeping up with proper speed while driving. But just today my speed meter today was not allowed to cross 20 kmph. So the lesson i took from this was, necessity to change.

One as an adult has to change many of his/her habits, no matter how much one loved doing it.

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