An Affair Of Hearts – The meeting!

An Affair of Hearts - The Meeting!
It was the day I was finally meeting Ethan. I had spent more than usual time sitting in front of the mirror. The person in the mirror was unrecognizable. A confident businesswoman hiding the hopeless romantic.
A series of questions came from the person in the mirror.
What if he knows? What if he never knows? What if he reacts in a negative way… God only knows what he might do…
With all these thoughts I kept rushing around the house saying, “File, check… Laptop, check… presentation, Check… confidence, Missing!!!.. What the F…”
(Well I had decided to not use the ‘F’ word a lot)
It was finally time to leave.
“Miss? Excuse me, Miss? We’re here” interrupted the Cab driver. I had been pretty much lost in my own world going through the presentation of today’s meeting.
I handed the driver the cab driver the fare and stepped out. I gulp at the huge gray tower standing in front of me.
I stumbled upon my own feet as I placed one foot in front of the other. The journey from the office gate to his office was the most difficult one. Without looking left or right I kept marching towards his office, trying my best to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest.
I gave a quick look at my watch, “Sh*t! I am late!”
I pause right at the doors, trying to stall time! I take a deep breath to calm myself down before knocking the door.
“Come in” replied a familiar voice. Through the door, I could see multiple silhouettes, the meeting seemed to be having more people than what I thought. That’s a little relaxing!
As soon as I entered the room my eyes stopped at Ethan and all of a sudden my mouth experienced an inexplicable lack of breath.
His chiseled face, made things around him a little blurry for me. He was as if sculpted from granite. An unchangeable expression and eyes of immeasurable depths were a perfect escape from reality for me.
“You’re late” exclaimed a voice bringing me back to reality.
I possibly very efficiently and skillfully ruined my first impression on the only man I wished to impress.
Ethan was standing in front of me, still waiting for my response on his previous comment.
“I hope you have the presentation ready as I asked you to” which I had but at this moment I surely was missing the most important aspect of the meeting, CONFIDENCE!
All I could do was a nod in approval. I turned back and started walking towards the Projector table to connect it to my laptop and have a final check before the presentation.
I tried to regain all the confidence that was lost just back there in front of Ethan!
The presentation began and I managed to place all the facts and figures effectively in front of the board. The meeting ended on an agreeing tone.
I had managed to avoid any kind of eye contact throughout the meeting. Embarrassment and guilt surrounded me. And seeing a lot of Ethan was just something I did not want.
(Next part coming soon!)
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