An Affair Of Heart!

An affair of heart

I managed to make a beeline from him and sit at the furthest most seats in the conference room. A position from where I could see him clearly and he could not see me. Ethan was one amongst the most complicated personalities I have ever met in my life. He was always a victim of realms of conjecture where the smartest minds stood at fault. Everybody has a certain theory about him based on his behavior and every one of them is partially right. Certainly, I was in love with mine.

Ethan was not perfect and I had no clue about it. He was a finely sculpted art. I just could not move my eyes away. Today his black suit along with the white shirt and perfectly paired tie made him look like a typical upper-level manager. Ethan managed to rob many girls heart at the work with his strong manly voice and intense eyes. He was no super-cute guy or extra-muscular type. He was simply an intelligent handsome. My eyes were frenzied whenever he was around; concentrating on meeting and not him was a tedious job to do.

While I was admiring his beauty my phone vibrated, on looking over my phone I found Scarlett’s message from a position two seats away from me on my left. It said. “Grace oh Grace! Stop staring!” I could help but smile on my friends’ message. I looked at her and there she was giving me her whimsical facial expressions. All I could reply was “SHUT UP”!
It was only Scarlett who knew how much I was in love with Ethan, I loved what she called us. GREATHAN! I would tell her everything and Scarlett without any other option would listen to everything. Ethan was my favorite secret, a secret that I possessed so close to my heart. Every time I see him there is a tumultuous beating of a heart, every sense active and all nerves on fire. An impact I have ever since we first shared a talk.
We work at the same place though at a different position and different sectors. It is rare for both of us to ever even the wildest dreams share a project. It has now almost been a year here and his sensational work never failed to amaze me or to be precise amaze the entire world. It has been the equal amount of time that Scarlett and I have been friends. Scarlett and Ansel (her husband) have now become family. They have stood beside me through thick and thin.
Tomorrow is awaited. I have to meet Ethan in personal to talk about a deal both our sectors share. I am really excited and nervous and every adjective used to describe every emotion ever on this earth.
(Sudden applause) As Grace was lost in her own mind palace, Ethan concluded his part of presentation bringing her back to reality. He did notice a lost Grace in the meeting and somehow it affected him.
What is with Ethan? Why is Gracess’ carelessness troubling him? What is the next day going to bring for both of them?


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