Being a Stereotype and fighting against the Stereotype

Let me first tell you what exactly I mean by stereotype.

“Gujarati’s are so business minded”

“Girls or not good at sports”

“All teenagers are rebels”

“Men cannot cook”

Well I suppose, everyone understood what a stereotype is. And I am sure to one or the other you would have said “haan, sai hi toh hai!” (Yeah, that is a fact). Well, for those who didn’t, the one that does not believe in stereotypes, I am proud of you!

Now let me explain my tittle. We all somewhere dislike people who believe in stereotypes as proven facts, but at some time we ourselves use one. Let me explain it to you with a very recent incident.

One of my male friends really does good poetry and instead of harsh, strong manly tone he has a sweet delicate voice. It was the day when the entire group of friends decided to meet, like a reunion. And my male friend wrote some beautiful poetry for our reunion and read it loudly to the entire restaurant. His words were so pretty and his voice so soothing.

At the end of the poetry when everybody was clapping, getting emotional, there was this one guy who surprisingly started laughing in the calm emotional moment and the thing he said after that was most heart breaking, “f**k, you are so bloody gay, eww ” and you know what the most annoying part was? Everybody in the restaurant started laughing on my friend. Calling him names, teasing him, asking him real embarrassing questions! For the first time ever, I saw him crying! I saw the best man on this earth crying!

Let me tell you guys’ one thing,

Not all feminine men are gay.

Just because he is not amongst the stereotyped men, does not mean he is gay or queer or anything else.
People who believe in such sexual stereotype I am also sure would believe in homosexuality is immortal and abomination. *claps*
You know, my real reason for this anger and frustration is not the one guy that commented but is that every other person that laughed. You guys do not have the right to complaint when a similar situation comes at you.

Dear women, do not complaint when a man says, “women only belong to kitchen” and men, do not complaint when somebody say, “all men are dogs” because, you chose to believe in stereotypes.

And all of my friends out there, who, at some or the point of life, have gone through this… I am there for you! These are the kind of people your mom asked you to stay away from!!!
Feel free to share with me your incident. I am here to listen.

Email it to me. Write it to me on Facebook if you want. Of course there is instagram and Twitter too.

– Tierra S


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