The day with a lot of brain storming!


You know when you are about to start something new, how interesting the mornings turn out to be. Today my morning was something like that ( Already i love with this day). I was going to have an official business meet in my officially favorite coffee house. For the first time ever, Emmett turned out to be the one to wake up first and then wake me up! (You might be thinking who Emmett is) So let me first introduce you to my lamest best friend, Emmett.

Emmett is the best person I ever knew in my life. He has pampered me, understood me, scolded me, drove me extremely crazy and has also protected me from the world. Alright, so where was I? So my lazy ass friend woke me up today. Now it was time to check if Rachel was up or not. But as per the usual custom her phone would never ever ever get connected when in need. ( Oh wait, i forgot to introduce Rachel) So Rachel is my best friend. You can also say that she is my soul mate, better part of me, no one in this world has ever understood me like Rachel did. Inside her i have found a sister, a mother, a friend, a soul mate and a reason to live.

So getting back to the day, Rachel was up too. And as planned we all met at 9.00 am (you guys, are you reading it? are you feeling the sarcasm? are  you?) So well this day we met at 10.30 am. Which is still better. I had hopes of 12. We had our first coffee business meet! *clapping with excitement* and guess what it was legend-wait for it- dary, it was legendary! ( a must how I met your mother reference)

It is rather a dream to do business with your best mates. Well the day kept going where there were few more business meetings and also a regular mood swings and food swings with Rachel! We almost have the most weird food combinations everyday! Today’s best was the cheese fries of course!!!

And how can I even forget!!! Ordered my new specs * super excited for it to come * . Just cant wait for it to come! ( of course apart from business meets, this where I did a huge amount of brain storming and troubling for others) Can you imagine trying plenty and buying one!

This is a kind of day where I am self satisfied… and happy.




There was this letter i had once written to my best friend!



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