Dear Mother – A Poem

Mother, nothing but a magical creation of that almight

Dear Mother,

I lost all my worldly battles,

Why did you still call me a winner?


I lost all my strength,

Why did you still feel I was strong?


I am falling into little pieces,

Please put my mess together again maa…


Dear Mother,

I was a wildness made in hell,

You were the calmness of heaven


I was storm of midnight,

You were the peace in bedtime…


Dear Mother,

Tonight I want to weep again,

Hide my face in your lap again…

Tonight sing me a lullaby,

Please make me fall asleep again…


Cuddle me close to you heart,

Tell me it is all going to be fine again…

Kiss on my wounds and scars,

Let your pain disappear with your magic again….


Dear mother,

Please come back…

I am little too scared…

Please come back…

I think there is a monster beneath my bed…


I can’t hear you from the sky…

I can’t see you in the stars…

I am a little too scared…

Please come back maa…


  • Tierra S






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