Fight against Failure… Facing the fear!

What is that life has that it can threaten you the most with it?

What is the worst thing that can happen?

Is it going to kill you? Is your dream of becoming something going to kill you?

If the answer to last one is a no, then my friend let me tell you one thing. If life cannot fear you with death, then there is nothing else which can stop you be who you want to be.

You can either live your dreams or live your fear. So what are you living? It is my nothing but your fear that keeps you away from your true potential, creating that difference between dreams and reality.

Do not let your fear have you.

Break through! Have your excitement and adventure in life and take from life whatever you want!

There are few things you are supposed to make yourself aware of!

  1. Will it be easy? NO!
  2. Will it be a struggle? YES!
  3. Would you want to give up? YES!
  4. Will it happen overnight? NO!

If you are not filling your life with your dreams and you keep giving up on them because you allowed yourself to be mobilized by fear, you become your won enemy.

Your hunger for your dreams will take you were you want to be.

*Remember you deserve it.

*Your dream is noteworthy

*experience the fear of rejection, failure, of losing it all, people not liking you, of it not working out.

You can have fear. But do not surrender in front of it! You are worth more than that.  Do not let it have you.


Never give up! Stay strong! Hardwork has no substitute!  Fear no failure! Because you are worth it!

write your own conclusion in life… you are the writer of the own story.




Because only few work on it!

-Dharti Shethiya


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