The incomplete Novel

Ink flowing through her veins

I know many of us here are passionate readers. We just do not read book, we live it! Every character lives and every emotion is felt. But sometimes, we fall in love with the happening that we do not really wish to go the ending of that novel.

Is that only me?

I mean just look at the way the story is going. It is so pretty. The boy meets the one he can be vulnerable with and still love it! The girl meets the one she can go all insane with. And somehow with all the difficulties and differences, they find their better halves in each other! They falling in love and then there is that never ending heat of love and romance. At this point one might have barely made through the even half of the novel. But the feeling is so mesmerizing that you just do not wish to go ahead of that moment.

I specially am always a little hesitant to read further. Maybe because I somehow I know that there is something that I won’t like is coming. I go through a spectrum of emotions before moving on with the book because I know they are going to fall apart, I know there are going to be some heart aches and breaks and I am never ready for it.

I just want the book to stop where it is. No matter how magnetic the story, a huge length of debate goes inside head before moving on. It may all sound hyped up but I think I love the story a little much. I tend to believe in sugarcoated lies. Whether it is about a wizard living in Hogwarts, an alien invasion or Colin and Maria to be too different to be forever in love…
I have a list of incomplete novels, where I gave myself the right to decide where the story was supposed to end and giving my heart the authority to complete it in its own little way…
– Tierra S


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