The little pot of magic that relieves my aches and pains


I do lots of things, from writing to hosting talks and making radio, to running a production company, I’m very much what they call a ‘multi-hyphener’ – though I prefer polymath, naturally. I have a deep well of products and rituals I use as part of my ‘warrior kit’ in order to survive doing so many things.

As I hurl myself to far flung parts of the country I sometimes feel like I’m tying my body up in knots, but a tradition passed down in the Cairney clan is a little pot of magic in the form of Tiger Balm. The fiery stuff, it’s an ornamental teeny jar of an ointment I swear by. It works for relieving achey, tired necks, pulled muscles and tension headaches. I blooming love the stuff, including its aromatic smell.

I’ve even been known to mix it with my regular body moisturiser. But whatever you do, be careful not to get it into or on to any ‘sensitive’ body parts. Trust me, some of us have had to learn the hard way.