A little bit of Romance…!

Pull me a little closer;

drag me into your arms.

Kiss me a little;

Like its the last time.

Midnight is usually the time where the romantic in you knocks the door of your heart and you welcome it wholeheartedly. And it reminds me of him!

Now tattoos are not the most permanent part of me,

Sinking in me like ink on paper,

Your love is writing my story…

Damn! I have no clue how he does this? I mean he destroys me a little more everyday and also he builds me a little more everyday. It seems like he is redefining the beauty of everything that ever existed in me. The sun got brighter, the moon got prettier and world never seemed as peaceful as it seems now.

He became my anchor,

Weighing me down… holding me strong!

Made my ship sail

through the storms of world!

Holding on to this feelings and seeing you every time I close my eyes is nothing but an undeniable pleasure. It is rather impossible to describe my feeling for you in poetry and stories. Because of you the writer in me has stories. In addition, my best stories come when you are the one I am thinking of.

And I’ll keep pretending to sleep

If you promise to stay with me,

even if it just in my dreams.

I do not if this what people call love. But if it is, it is beautiful. Concluding these feels are impossible.

A little of romance
A little love… A little magic

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