The territorial lover…

territorial lover

Have you ever been in love? The one where the center of your earth is one single person? What was it like? Were you a one sided lover or was it both sided?

Actually you know what, it does not really matter. One sided or both sided! It definitely made you a lover! One thing I have learnt is, there is a huge variety of a lover! A jealous type, a friendly type, a possessive type, a protective type and then there is my favorite type… The territorial lover!

Of course there are, sticky type, annoying type, space invading type, dominant type too!

By the way, what type of lover are you?

I will tell you why the territorial lovers are my favorite. According me these are the best cooked lovers. A pinch of jealousy, half a spoon of possessiveness, 2 spoons full of protectiveness and whole of it mixed properly in the bowl of attractiveness and baked in love. Damn! They are perfect. 

Territorial lovers get jealous but respect the opposite lover’s space. They are protective but not annoying; they are possessive and make you feel good about it. If they ever poke you for not doing something or going somewhere, it’s not because they don’t trust you, it’s because they don’t trust the other person you are with may it be same or opposite sex. This type of lovers trust you, have faith in you and would never let you go easily!

It’s cute when they hold you even tighter and closer even if somebody else is looking at you wrongly. It’s like marking the territory. This person, standing beside me, is mine and only mine and you better deal with it. 

Well, that of course is my choice! 

How do you describe your lover?

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